Welcome at de Kostery

You are visiting the website of an age-old sexton’s house situated at the foot of the famous Martinitoren, also known by the citizens of Groningen as the ‘’d’Olle Grieze’’ which means ‘the old grey one’ in the local dialect.  Although dating from the seventeenth century, the sexton’s house has been renovated in 1982 and adjusted for its current use without harming its character.

As a former residence the sexton’s house has been kept hidden for centuries behind a main guard-house, but at the end of Second World War the guard-house was destroyed which gave the sexton’s house the possibility to show its beauty to the city of Groningen.

We can proudly say that our building is a historic sight in our city.

At the Martinitoren

Openings Hours

Monday   from 9.00 hour
Tuesday    from 9.00 hour
Wednesday  from 9.00 hour
Thursday  from 9.00 hour
Friday       from 9.00 hour
Saturday     from 9.00 hour
Sunday       from 9.00 hour

We got Free Wifi!

The Kostery is a beautiful Coffee Bar and Tea House. It’s literally located at the foot of the Martinitoren and we have a beautiful terrace with 250 seats.

You can visit our first floor for a coffee and dessert or for an extended lunch. From our location you have a great view of Groningen’s Central Market.

Next to us you will find a tourist information office (VVV) which can further enhance your stay in our city

We have an extensive lunch menu, but you can always stop by for a drink and appetizers.